Indoor Cycling: Here’s Why You’re Not Getting The Results You Want |

Indoor Cycling And The Weight Loss MythRiding a bike indoors is one of the most convenient ways to get some exercise and potentially lose a few unwanted pounds. After all, there’s no special equipment and just about everyone can peddle a bike.So why do so many indoor cyclists fail to reach their fitness goals?Part of the answer lies in the nature of riding a stationary bike. Much like a treadmill, you’re not moving anywhere, and boredom can easily take hold. Boredom leads to a lack of motivation, which is followed by lack of effort.There’s an old adage in fitness that says “in order to be your best, you have to give your best”. And let’s face it, indoor cycling isn’t the most exciting activity.So what to do about it? How can you break through the boredom barrier?Diversify Your Cycling WorkoutsThe biggest benefit of indoor cycling is the low impact nature of the workout. But low impact shouldn’t mean low effort. If you want to jump start your motivation, we recommend participating in indoor cycling classes.These classes will put you in an environment that’s lively, fun, and challenging. While it’s not a competitive session, you’ll undoubtedly be motivated by a room full of people who have the same goals as you do.You’ll find sessions available at your local gym or fitness center. Try out one class per week, which will help diversify your workout regimen.If you can’t get to a gym, there are several excellent indoor cycling dvd’s you can buy to work out at home. Typically, these are one hour virtual rides with a professional instructor coaching you along the way. The scenery and musical soundtrack are sure to keep your motivation high.It’s In The EffortWith any fitness activity, you’ll get what you put into it. This is especially true for indoor cycling, where you have total control over your workout’s effort level. With an indoor cycling class, you have the added benefit of an instructor coaching you toward higher effort and exertion. Those who participate in these sessions marvel at how much more effective they are as opposed to peddling a bike on their own.Even if you can’t get to a class, challenge yourself to get better. If you’re not happy with your results, only you can change them. Part of that equation is pushing through a few barriers, and persevering when the workout gets challenging.The key is to make your workout time count. Don’t waste time by simply going through the motions. Use whatever motivational techniques you can, like participating in a class or investing in an indoor cycling dvd. Your body will thank you!SummaryGet the most benefit from indoor cycling by diversifying your workouts. Most people fail to achieve the results they want because they do the same thing over and over and neglect to challenge themselves. Try classes to boost your motivation level and always remember, you have control over your workout. Challenging your body will produce the results you crave!

Depression, Anxiety and Weight Gain: The Despair Cycle |

A cycle is an interval during which a recurring sequence of events occurs. Otherwise, a cycle tends to go on, and on, and on, repeating itself over and over. Despair means to lose hope. So imagine, that hopeless feeling over and over doing the same things that create despair such as depression, anxiety, fear, low self-esteem and even weight gain.This is what I refer to as the despair cycle and millions of people suffer from this cycle daily and working on breaking the despair cycle can be achievable.People who suffer from the despair cycle feel as though they are floating down a river without a paddle, without a current, without any direction. They are just floating, sometimes holding onto a piece of driftwood or a large boulder, only to lose their grip and float again endlessly. Sometimes the currents of the river can pick them up, knocking them over, spinning them around and even pushing them under water until they gasp for breath, only to come up long enough for air before another current knocks them down again.For people who suffer from the despair cycle, this is what it feels like. The depression which can consume them, or the anxiety that takes their breath away which can be followed by paralysing fear and low self-esteem. It isn’t a wonder people either gain weight, or loss faith or simply stop caring about themselves and those around them. They want so desperately to begin breaking the despair cycle.What makes this cycle so difficult to treat is professionals do not see it as a cycle. They see it as single symptoms and medicate it and send people on their way. The other dilemma with this cycle is that people try to treat each symptom separately. The concern there is that we are a whole and should be treated as a whole.The truth is we have many dimensions, like the mind, the body and the spirit. We are not our conditions. We are not depression and we are not anxiety. We are a whole person and have the desire to be treated as a whole system.We tend to go to one place and have the psychological problems with medications, then the weight with drastic diets and possibly medication. Mainstream society fails to treat fear and self-esteem issues so they remain the roots of the cycle that leads us to depression and anxiety, then weight gain and lack of spirituality.Treating and breaking the despair cycle is looking at each individual as a whole, and all the symptoms as a treatable whole that can be alleviated with a natural approach of healing and wellness.There is no instant cure of the anxiety or depression or paralysing fear that consumes us. There is no pill that will build confidence and self-esteem. There is a program however, that can combine, knowledge, tools, supplement choices, movement and spirituality that can calm the raging river. We are a whole being and deserve to be treated as that. Our symptoms should not define us and breaking the despair cycle can make us feel whole and strong once again.